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StickyMinds is a go through resource which benefits the software testers and SAQ professionals. Any person interested in improving the quality of his software can take the help of StickyMinds. You can find in-depth articles and interviews at StickyMinds. It will also feature how-to advice for the latest changes and updating in software testing.

What can you get with StickyMinds?

  • You can stay up with the innovative and latest test methods
  • You can get to know more about comment and bookmark articles
  • You can get a complete access to Q and A-boards
  • You will get weekly updates with a complete summary of new ongoing conversations
  • You will get access to past conferences

Topics related to StickyMinds

  1. Agile Testing: In this topic, you would learn about agile testing methods like test-driven development, behavior-driven development, and acceptance test-driven development.
  2. Test Analysis: In this topic, you will learn how to create effective test strategies by designing appropriate test cases and identifying test conditions.
  3. Test Automation: This topic will increase your test efficiency and coverage by using pre-scripted tests.
  4. Cloud Testing: After learning about this topic, you will be able to use the cloud to facilitate software testing to test performance and mobile testing. It will increase scalability.
  5. Mobile Testing: During this, you will learn about the latest technologies for testing the functioning of mobile devices, their usability, and reliability.
  6. Performance testing: With the help of performance testing, you can measure the reliability and responsiveness of any system working under a given workload.
  7. Test process: Under this topic, you can learn about the fundamental test planning and control, test designing and analysis, implementation of the test, its execution, test evaluation, and giving out reports of complete criteria.
  8. Software security: Software security will help you to protect your system and all applications from disruption, unauthorized access, modification, and any destruction.
  9. Software test design: It will help you to transform your test objectives to execute conditions and cases of tests.
  10. Test Planning: In this, you will learn to define the scope, objectives, schedule, and resources of the software testing.


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